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We do not work for insurance companies. We only deal with plaintiff side personal injury claims.

Anyone that has been in an accident, or knows of someone who has, understands the enormous disruption associated with this unfortunate event. Our sophisticated and experienced personal injury legal team is committed to taking care of each client through every step of the process. We will make sure you receive the maximum compensation that you deserve.



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    Most personal injury law firms split your case into third-party claims and accident benefit claims. Your accident benefit claim is handled by a paralegal, and you don’t get a chance to discuss your case with a lawyer. A year or two later your third-party claim is given to a lawyer who has never met you, never heard your story and never had a chance to hear from you how the accident impacted your life. Pelz Law Group does not believe in this approach. Elena handles your case from start to finish. She understands the importance of building your third-party legal case properly around the foundation of your accident benefits claim. Elena stays on top of every aspect of your case and builds the correct strategy to fight for your rights from the onset. Whenever you have a question, you deal directly with your lawyer and reliable support team at Pelz Law Group.



    Our mission at Pelz Law Group is to provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation and guidance. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, slip and fall or require help with your disability claim, we are here to provide you with premier legal advice while getting you the maximum compensation that you deserve. Our determination and trust building relationships with our clients is what allows our practice to flourish.

    • “The moment I walked through the door, I was treated with care and respect. Elena took her time to make sure that I understand the process and provided outstanding legal advice which in the end proved to be successful. I would recommend her to any friends and family as her level of professionalism and dedication to my file was superb”.

      LUDMILA W.

      Slip and fall causing rib fracture and right shoulder muscular tear

    • “After experiencing a significant car accident that resulted in a right-hand fracture, I felt overwhelmed and lost. Elena assisted me with every aspect of my case and was able to settle it within 2 years. Would highly recommend her services”.

      VADIM M.

      Suffered a significant car accident resulting in right hand fracture

    • “After experiencing a lower back injury, I was psychologically low-spirited and didn’t know where to go. I was recommended by a friend but didn’t know what to expect. Elena’s knowledge and professionalism led to an incredible settlement which I did not expect. You feel confident when you are in good hands”.

      ELLA R.

      Low back injury, PTSD


    Why do I need a personal injury lawyer?

    If you are left injured after an accident has occurred, feeling overwhelmed with mental, physical and financial strain is a normal feeling. Our reputation around Toronto has allowed us to develop tremendous relationships with the top doctors, physicians and rehabilitation specialists in this province, ready to help meet your medical needs. Let us help you relieve your insurance paperwork and the legal burden that should not create any extra stress in your life. By trusting our legal team, we aim to obtain the maximum compensation that you deserve while assisting you and your loved ones to find justice. It is our priority to understand our clients and their families, which allows us to get a better understanding of how much their lives are affected by the accident, and to achieve the best results possible.

    I’ve been injured. What do I do?

    Call 911, make sure to keep calm and do not panic. Report your accident to the police and make sure to receive necessary medical attention. Call or email Pelz Law Group as soon as possible after your accident to get a free consultation. Our goal is to understand your story and to the best of our ability guide you through the complicated legal process. We have years of experience dealing with personal injury victims and nothing makes us happier helping you and your family get access to the necessary support and make sure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.